November 20, 2017

Finding Your Beloved and Keeping Your Love Alive

Wygant Productions Women’s Seminar
Los Angeles November, 2009

What Do You Want?

So you are out in the dating world. When was the last time you asked yourself the central question, “What do I want?” This is perhaps the most fundamental question, and warrants serious thought and consideration. To “Know Thyself” means knowing not only who you are, but also what you want.

The Disease to Please

Years ago, I remember an old boyfriend telling me up front ….within the first few months of dating… that “I am a Pleaser.”   He told me like it was some kind of identity badge. I was unclear if he was proud of it or just warning me. I took it as a warning and […]

Believe Him

Back in my 20’s, I remember a friend of mine came back from a trip just over the moon after meeting a guy on an airplane who was cute and charming and you know the rest. He invited her to visit for the weekend. She did and they had an amazing time, so much so […]

Where Does Love Go?

I don’t know about you, but I love love. After a wonderful love affair in my 30’s, I ultimately had the courage to let go of someone I really loved. The hardest part for me, and the most baffling, was always……”Where does love go?”

Relationship Wisdom

You never know who is going to cross your path, at the very perfect time to remind you of exactly what you need to hear. The summer I was separated, I was receiving a Reiki and Chakra Clearing Energy Massage.   The practitioner had her hands three inches above my body …scanning and using her intuition […]