February 21, 2018

Artist Way

What: This a 12 consecutive week Tele-class based on the Book by Julia Cameron: The Artist Way. I love this book and this class for so many reasons….it hits on all cylinders…inspiring the creative process in us all, evolving our cognitive, emotional and spiritual consciousness, and really helping us to reconnect with our deepest knowings, voices and gifts to express and share with the world.

Having a facilitator and a group gives a container for supportive process, accountability, and encouragement. The group will have an on-line forum throughout the duration of the class to exchange questions, ideas, resources and insight.

When: The first Monday of every month. For 12 weeks. From 6-7pm PCS

Investment: $50 per class ($80 for 2 participants)

Policies & Procedures:

  • Minimum 10 participants per class, Maximum 30.
  • Class is Transferable but Non-Cancelable.
  • Audio Recordings will be sent in the event you miss a live Tele-class
  • When holidays conflict, classes will be moved to another day or week.


One of the best things about the Artist Way series with Marcy was that she facilitated a circle, a space, a time where I could gently and lovingly look at myself. Marcy has such a warm, gentle and kind presence.

She is thoughtful, intelligent and thorough while staying on topic and guiding the group. She lets the spirit and the needs of the group guide her, while remaining the leader. She is also a lot of fun and amazingly sweet. I will always cherish and remember my time with her and the group.”

Rose LeBoeuf, mother of 3: LA Food Works – Interactive Culinary Team Building & Private Cooking Events

The Artist’s Way workshop facilitated by Marcy Cole opened spiritual and creative pathways in my life that allowed me to more fully actualize my passion for storytelling within my life. The course took me on a journey and the support system and structure of the class allowed me to benchmark my progress. I began to see myself as a creative rather than a critic and the opportunities in my life followed and aligned accordingly. It was an honor to be surrounded by such diverse, intelligent, creative, and loving women in the safe environment which Marcy fostered.”

Rachel Harrell: Development Executive/ Film and Television Producer: Age 36

For more information: Please contact: info@drmarcycole.com