January 24, 2018

We Do Not Forget

During a session with a client today she expressed some concern, “I hope I don’t forget this lesson!” We’ve all wondered (and perhaps worried) about that before, but really need to give ourselves more credit then that. We are in the driver’s seat of our life. If we choose to retain what we’ve learned and put it to good use we will. If, on the other hand, we choose to push it down and away it may feel far from our reach.

But here’s what’s so cool to remember about what we learn……it cannot be forgotten! Each new understanding, acknowledgement, “aha” is safely archived in our consciousness. It is there for our keeping and reference whenever we want or need to call it forth. So….just know that every lesson learned is like a cell of consciousness that is embedded in our being. It is ours and cannot ever be taken away. Revel in that one for a while…..you’ll feel quite wise after all the cumulative learnings you’ve collected along the way! And what’s even cooler….is there is no ceiling or limit…..it just keeps comin…….

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