January 24, 2018

Where Does Your Pride Lie?

When my niece was 13 years old, I called her after a school play to ask her how it went.

“It was great” she exclaimed…..”I was really proud of my performance!”

When my sister got on the phone I told her how amazing I thought it was that my niece, at an age when young girls are dimming their light to be accepted and not perceived as “conceited”…….. could really celebrate and acknowledge herself. She told me something that I vowed to share with as many parents as possible. She said…

“When my kids were small I made a conscious decision to never say ‘I’m proud of you’…….I always have said to them……’You must be so proud of yourself.”

Isn’t that FABULOUS? It helps children realize from a young age that their true compass and locus of approval and love always lies within.

I’ve been spreading this parenting tip and will continue to share its wisdom. It’s actually a wonderful reminder to us all.

When was the last time you gave yourself ……as our First Tuesday South Bay Coordinator Lisa Greenfield refers to it…..some “Toothbrush love” in the mirror?

Be proud of who you are.

Be proud that you are even here.

That makes you a living miracle.

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