February 21, 2018


I started working with Marcy when I was 24. I left our very first session excited with the possibilities that I heard from her ideas and voice. Something just totally clicked. Everything that she said completely resonated with me. Over the next few years Marcy continued to encourage me to create my life and design it the way that I wanted, instead of merely letting life happen to me. I developed a new confidence and acquired the tools to become my best “me.” I am so grateful for the work I’ve done with Marcy! This “testimonial” doesn’t even tap into how much I value everything that I’ve learned.”

32 Yoga Instructor and Co-Owner of Yoga Studio

When we came to Dr. Marcy Cole for couples counseling we barely knew how to communicate our love for one another or to resolve conflict. My husband told me he’d go a few times and that was it. We stayed for months. I was mesmerized how Dr. Marcy could skillfully say things to him that he could actually hear! And she taught me how to express myself in a way that I had never had my entire life. Over time we both grew individually and together. Learning how to reflect about our own past and to listen to the other with compassion broke through so many barriers. We are happier and steadier today than we have ever been. I recommend this to any couple who wants to overcome hard times or just improve the quality of their relationship. It’s a wise investment and we will be forever grateful.”

Couple: married 8 years with 4 children

I called Marcy after a long period of despair over being single. I had always imagined myself with a great guy and lots of children. I was confused and disappointed about the way my life turned out. For a while in therapy I felt like a victim and be-moaned my poor state of affairs. But Marcy did not let me wallow in that for too long. Through time I began to let go of my dependency on finding a husband to make me happy. She encouraged me to keep that dream alive while teaching me how to detach from it so that it no longer defined me, my self worth, or the quality of my life. I have not found him yet, but can honestly say that I have found more of myself then I even knew was there from the inner work I did with Marcy. It wasn’t always fun but the best investment in myself I ever made. I am a better person for it and when I find him he’ll be grateful too.”

Filmmaker, 42

I am a 31 year old gay man who came to Dr. Marcy to get more comfortable with my sexuality and who I am as a man. I had a hard time in relationships with intimacy and had still not come out to half of my family. We only worked together for 8 months before I was relocated but in that time I saw her 2x a week and really worked hard to uncover what haunted me and have the courage to face and challenge it. Marcy helped me find myself and more fully accept who and what I am. I now can actually celebrate it and I credit part of that to the short term and powerful inner work I did with Marcy, who served as a supportive guide, teacher and therapist. I feel really good about my life now, have richer relationships for it, and am truthful with everyone in my life now about MY truth. That is true freedom. Thank you Marcy for being a muse along my path to creating a more real and fulfilling life!”

Investment Banker, 33

Marcy has been one of the most positive influences in my life and has helped me change for the better in so many ways. Part life coach, part girlfriend, and always the voice of reason Marcy has a unique gift for helping find one’s inner truth. I trust her implicitly and know she has my best interests always. She has given me the tools and courage to deal with the problems in my life more directly and successfully. Who can ask for more than that?”

38 year old Business owner and mother of 3

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