February 21, 2018


I have been working with Marcy Cole for over five years. My experience with Marcy has been life-changing. She has helped me reach my full potential by challenging my false assumptions and giving me the courage to make some very difficult choices….like getting divorced …..a scenario I once feared would never be manageable. But it has set me free to be more of who I am and set an example to my children that we all need to follow our truth to reach new heights in life. Even my ex and I are on good terms….having to learned to co-parent from a place of higher ground and mutual respect. Marcy has helped me find tremendous insight and clarity in all the different roles in my life. I know my life is richer and more authentic because of Dr Marcy’s help.”

45 Physican and mother of 2

Marcy is a beacon of compassion, insight and wisdom. She has guided me through some of my darkest moments and helped me to best understand and fully embrace myself. Our work together has unveiled my true talents, heart’s desire as well as fostered my spiritual growth. I can talk to Marcy about anything and know that she is listening with an open mind and heart. When I think of both my personal and professional accomplishments, Marcy is at the top of my thank you list.”

Grad Student, married, and mother of a 3 year old son

I honestly don’t believe I would be in the healthy, happy place I am in today had I not done personal work with Marcy. Marcy guided me through the death of a parent, my own struggle with a major health crisis, a career transition, as well as the birth of my daughter. Not only did she give me the tools to deal with these highs and lows in life, she instilled in me the belief that they were always there ,inside me, waiting to be called upon. She has been a major source of support through these events, not only in the role as therapist and life coach, but also as friend and confidant.”

35 year old Comedian, Business Owner, wife and mother

During a post-pardum depression I was referred to Marcy Cole for therapy. I felt a deep sense of aloneness and was terrified about what I was thinking and feeling. Over the course of a over a year, Marcy helped me reconnect with myself in ways that I had forgotten about. She helped me realized that I needed to put myself FIRST before I could be the wife, mother, friend and colleague that I wanted to be. Bottom line……she taught me how to receive the help, support, understanding and love that I was lacking from the inside. My life will forever be change and touched as a result. I am grateful to Marcy and will continue to pay forward the lessons learned.”

34 year old mother,wife, attorney

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