January 24, 2018

My Philosophy

As a Holistic Psychotherapist, I carry the belief that we are born in perfect form — “whole” and ready to recognize and share our unique magnificence, and to receive what the world has to teach and offer us. The challenges and curve balls of our life experience chip away at this knowing. We then spend the rest of our days, should we choose to live consciously and most joyfully, recalling what we knew from the beginning, unveiling the essence of who we truly are …finding our way back into the light of our divinity and destiny.

The only thing in our way to living consistently in our total bliss is ourselves. And the only path to finding and living there lies within us. Through our attention to, and alignment with, the four dimensions of our being — our body, mind, heart and spirit — we are most equipped to live our best life to the fullest…experiencing wonder, joy, and overall wellbeing. Only by listening to the wisdom of our bodies, training our active minds to choose the beliefs, perceptions and assumptions that fuel our passions and potential, opening our hearts to love ourselves and our fellow travelers, and hearing our spirit’s calling….will we create the life of which our dreams are made.

If we see every day and every experience as a potential gift and learning experience, then nothing is for naught. Life becomes our most interesting classroom and our most stimulating playground. As we live fully present, every moment will count with each and every breath.

We are all on this journey, capable of everyday alchemy (transformation)…leading us to our own versions of higher ground living. As we do so, we evolve our consciousness to embody and express our most authentic selves with purpose, grace, ease and celebration.

I look forward to experiencing and sharing this wondrous road with all of you.