January 24, 2018

eBook: Finding Love!

Before you make the important and “lifelong” decision about marriage…

Receive 28 pages of Sage Advice on:
* How to make sure you are aligned with yourself
* How to get “closer” to your dream by dating with clarity
* How to thrive once you found your beloved

This WILL educate, remind and inspire you to live in harmony with your truth, and from that place you will attract the person who is out there looking for you!

From then on, it’s CAKE!


When we came to Dr. Marcy Cole for couples counseling we barely knew how to communicate our love or to resolve conflict. My husband told me he’d go a few times and that was it. We stayed for months. I was mesmerized how Dr. Marcy could skillfully say things to him that he could actually hear!    She taught me how to express myself in a way that I never had before.  Learning how to reflect on our past and listen with compassion broke through so many barriers. We are happier with ourselves and each other, as well as steadier today than ever before. I recommend this to any couple who wants to overcome hard times or just improve the quality of their relationship. It’s a wise investment and we will be forever grateful.

Couple: married 8 years with 4 children