February 21, 2018



Dr. Marcy Cole has a part time private practice with adults and couples in Los Angeles, California.  Her orientation is Holistic, integrating both Eastern and Western perspectives on creating and maintaining a sense of mind/body/spirit alignment and optimal health.  She sees her clients in her office at the Wheel of Wellbeing Center in Westwood, in Marina del Rey for walking sessions on the beach, and offers consultation by phone.  To inquire about working with Marcy or to schedule an in-person or phone session with her, please email: info@DrMarcyCole.com and write “appointment request” in subject line  or call:  310-266-5705

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Certified Hypnotist

Dr. Marcy Cole received her educational qualification as a hypnotist from the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy. To inquire about how to receive session or series with Dr. Cole, using this technique,  please contact her at: info@DrMarcyCole.com and write “appointment request” in subject line  or call:  310-266-5705


Dr. Marcy Cole periodically offers live classes in Los Angeles, as well as Tele-classes and Webinars.

Some classes include:

  • Artist Way
  • Season Series
  • Finding Love that Lasts
  • Thriving in Class for Couples
  • Back to Business for Women Entrepreneurs

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To be informed about her upcoming classes please send an email to info@Dr.MarcyCole.com and write “Class Schedule Request” in Subject line

Dr. Cole is also available to teach in a High School, University, or Post Graduate Educational setting. Please direct any inquiries to: info@Dr.MarcyCole.com


Dr. Marcy Cole is available for writing articles related to Mental Health and Emotional Well Being, from a Holistic and Integrative perspective.    Please direct any inquiries or requests to: Author@DrMarcyCole.com

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Dr. Cole is interested in working with Creative Media Projects, particularly those focusing on the intent to raise global consciousness through educating, entertaining, and inspiring its audience. She is also available to consult with large and small companies about how to best develop teams that generate a healthy work environment, fostering professional growth, optimal productivity and lasting success. If interested in collaborating with Dr. Cole, please email:  info@Dr.MarcyCole.com and write “Interest in Consultation” in subject line.


Dr. Cole enjoys speaking with groups both large and small.     She tailors the content so that her audiences are quickly engaged and can apply the information to their everyday lives.   Dr. Cole’s presentations are both research and experientially based.   Optimum interactivity is the goal, and those present have often commented on her contagious energy, genuine warmth, and practical ‘real life’ perspective.

Dr. Cole’s Video Gallery

Dr. Marcy Cole is available for speaking engagements with some of the following topics for presentation and discussion:

For Women:

  • “Maintaining Optimal Health with a very Busy life: Finding the balance between Self, Home, Family, and Career”
  • “The Power of Women in Connection, Collaboration, Celebration and Community”
  • “Finding and Choosing the Women in Your life who are for Life”
  • Women Living in their Light
  • Healer Heal Thyself: Insuring your own health as you nurture and caretake for others
  • Magnificent Mothering
  • “Oops…I Forgot to Have Children”: The experience of the new generation of childless women over 35

For Men and Women:

  • The Joy of Higher Ground Living
  • How to Date
  • Finding Love that Lasts
  • Thrivers versus Survivors
  • Everyday Alchemy in Love:  Tips to Re-Kindling Romance
  • Everyday Alchemy in Business:  Creating Prosperity Consciousness
  • Everyday Alchemy in Health:  The Body Knows
  • Everyday Alchemy in Marriage…Keeping Love Alive
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Alignment
  • Key Principles in the Magic of Manifesting
  • Moving from Anxiety to Peace of Mind…No Matter What
  • Conscious Parenting
  • What is the Law of Attraction Anyway?

For Teens:

  • Free to Be You & Me
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Relationships and Intimacy
  • Who are YOU?

For the Workplace:

  • Creating Optimal Team Work and Productivity in the Work Place
  • Everyday Alchemy in Business:  Creating Prosperity Consciousness
  • Achieving Work/Life Balance

To invite Dr. Cole to speak at your event, please email:   info@Dr.MarcyCole.com and write “Speaking Request” in subject line.