April 30, 2017

We Do Not Forget

During a session with a client today she expressed some concern, “I hope I don’t forget this lesson!” We’ve all wondered (and perhaps worried) about that before, but really need to give ourselves more credit then that. We are in the driver’s seat of our life. If we choose to retain what we’ve learned and […]

Everything Is Working Out Perfectly

At my sister’s 60 birthday party, she gave out bracelets that said “EWOP.” It stands for “EVERYTHING’S WORKING OUT PERFECTLY.” It was perfect timing to contemplate and to share. I returned to Los Angeles to celebrate my women’s group First Tuesday Circle of Giving 4th year Home Makeover for our 2010 chosen family. The project […]

The Stream Of Life

My sister and I like to collect heart rocks. Yesterday, on a beautiful August day in Aspen, she drove me to The Old Mining Town of Ashcroft, outside of Aspen. We walked along the path where settlers built their log cabins over 100 years ago. Growing up in Florida, we are both water girls. We […]