February 21, 2018

Reboot Your Brain

As a Psychotherapist for over two decades, my practice is informed by Psychodynamic Theory, Positive Psychology Principles and the Holistic Model…integrating Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health & Wellbeing. Your brain supports all of your Mental Health faculties including your thoughts, perceptions and assumptions. Having these work for you vs. against you requires clarity and […]

KINDESS MATTERS … A conversation between Kristine Carlson & Dr. Marcy Cole

Kindness is the main ingredient of Love. In this month of love, I was so delighted and honored to be interviewed by my dear friend and treasured colleague, NY Times Best Selling Author, Kristine Carlson on her “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Live the Big Stuff” Podcast. In this episode, we discuss how taking care […]

Breaking Free into Flow

We are just past half way thru the year, and I wanted to share some inspirational self-development nuggets before summer’s end, that were shared while being interviewed by best selling author of Madly Chasing Peace, Dina Proctor. Some of what we discussed is the most frequent limiting beliefs that I have heard from my clients […]

Life Mastery with Authenticity & Realignment Coach Lisa Winston

I was recently invited to be interviewed on a summit on Life Mastery with Authenticity & Realignment Coach Lisa Winston. Leave it to us women to cover a lifetime of wisdom in under an hour!    We discussed everything from what constitutes optimal health and wellbeing, to how to overcome any obstacle, to the importance of […]

The Fear Of Success

Fear of success is as prevalent as fear of failure and is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are not fulfilling and maximizing their potential. Most of the time, the fear of success is…

We Do Not Forget

During a session with a client today she expressed some concern, “I hope I don’t forget this lesson!” We’ve all wondered (and perhaps worried) about that before, but really need to give ourselves more credit then that. We are in the driver’s seat of our life. If we choose to retain what we’ve learned and […]

Choosing Compassion Over Convenience

My friend came to me today to let me know that she could not take on a leadership position that she had volunteered for, and for which I was depending on her. I cannot deny that I was focused for a minute on how it would inconvenience me…..finding someone else to take over…making sure that […]


This month I took the first solo “All fun” vacation in years…..swimming with the dolphins in the Bahamas. I already wrote a blog post about what I learned from them. What I want to share with you in this post, is how essential and powerful it was to totally let go of all the day-to-day […]

What I Learned From The Dolphins

I decided to swim with the dolphins in the wild with a group called www.WildQuest.com. I knew I would enjoy it, and I did so much. What I really underestimated, though, was what i would actually learn from these extraordinary sensient beings: HUMILITY: I learned that the dolphin brain has been evolving for 5 million […]

The Stream Of Life

My sister and I like to collect heart rocks. Yesterday, on a beautiful August day in Aspen, she drove me to The Old Mining Town of Ashcroft, outside of Aspen. We walked along the path where settlers built their log cabins over 100 years ago. Growing up in Florida, we are both water girls. We […]