January 24, 2018

Thriving Through the Loss of a Loved One

All of us travel the same incarnated life path.  We are born one day, and ultimately we will leave our body and return to the spirit world.  In between, we have many life experiences including the loss of loved ones.  None of us can ward this off, as it is an inevitable part of living. All […]

What I’ve learned From My Parents

My parents were crowned “King and Queen” at their Temple’s Purim Gala. Their friends told me months before, “Marcy …..you should come….this is going to be VERY big.” So of course we came and hooped it up! My Father is 86 and Mom is 83. They not only do not look it on the outside, […]

What Message Did You Receive Today?

Listen up for syncronicities……when you hear something, listen. If it comes up twice, listen UP. If it comes up three times, well you might have a slight bruise on you for being “knocked upside the head”! Here was mine …… it was my last session with a client with whom I adored working. She told […]