February 21, 2018

Advice for Co-Parents and StepParents After Divorce

The divorce rate in America is still reported to be between 40-50%. This means many children are experiencing the disappointment of a marital vow gone bust, between the two people they depend on most. Sharing this Q&A article I wrote for GOOP about how to take the highest co-parenting road post divorce. CLICK HERE to […]

Thriving Through the Loss of a Loved One

All of us travel the same incarnated life path.  We are born one day, and ultimately we will leave our body and return to the spirit world.  In between, we have many life experiences including the loss of loved ones.  None of us can ward this off, as it is an inevitable part of living. All […]

Reboot Your Brain

As a Psychotherapist for over two decades, my practice is informed by Psychodynamic Theory, Positive Psychology Principles and the Holistic Model…integrating Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health & Wellbeing. Your brain supports all of your Mental Health faculties including your thoughts, perceptions and assumptions. Having these work for you vs. against you requires clarity and […]

KINDESS MATTERS … A conversation between Kristine Carlson & Dr. Marcy Cole

Kindness is the main ingredient of Love. In this month of love, I was so delighted and honored to be interviewed by my dear friend and treasured colleague, NY Times Best Selling Author, Kristine Carlson on her “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Live the Big Stuff” Podcast. In this episode, we discuss how taking care […]

Breaking Free into Flow

We are just past half way thru the year, and I wanted to share some inspirational self-development nuggets before summer’s end, that were shared while being interviewed by best selling author of Madly Chasing Peace, Dina Proctor. Some of what we discussed is the most frequent limiting beliefs that I have heard from my clients […]

Life Mastery with Authenticity & Realignment Coach Lisa Winston

I was recently invited to be interviewed on a summit on Life Mastery with Authenticity & Realignment Coach Lisa Winston. Leave it to us women to cover a lifetime of wisdom in under an hour!    We discussed everything from what constitutes optimal health and wellbeing, to how to overcome any obstacle, to the importance of […]

Podcast Interview: Dr. Marcy Cole Talks about Relationship Building

Entrepreneurial success coach Amy Applebaum interviews Dr. Marcy Cole who talks about how relationship building is the key to success in business. Dr. Cole divides her talk into sharing ways to sure up the quality of relationship on three fronts: Our Relationship with ourselves, with those in our personal life (friend, family and significant others) […]