February 21, 2018

Reboot Your Brain

As a Psychotherapist for over two decades, my practice is informed by Psychodynamic Theory, Positive Psychology Principles and the Holistic Model…integrating Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health & Wellbeing. Your brain supports all of your Mental Health faculties including your thoughts, perceptions and assumptions. Having these work for you vs. against you requires clarity and […]

Podcast Interview: Dr. Marcy Cole Talks about Relationship Building

Entrepreneurial success coach Amy Applebaum interviews Dr. Marcy Cole who talks about how relationship building is the key to success in business. Dr. Cole divides her talk into sharing ways to sure up the quality of relationship on three fronts: Our Relationship with ourselves, with those in our personal life (friend, family and significant others) […]

10 Ways To Create Massive Success Next Year

Do you want next year to bring your increased sales, connections, fulfillment and success? Here Are Ten Ways you Can Create Massive Success Next Year

The Fear Of Success

Fear of success is as prevalent as fear of failure and is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are not fulfilling and maximizing their potential. Most of the time, the fear of success is…

Multi-Tasking Mismanages Your Business!

The law of attraction instills the idea that what we focus on expands. So the concept of what constitutes optimal productivity has seemed to come up everywhere lately. Just in time…since I have been feeling way more scattered, forgetful and overwhelmed with the “to do” list and multiple projects on which I am working. I […]

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